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You love design.


Reading about it.

A new design magazine is a treat to peruse.


Watching it.

Design shows are so inspiring.


Playing with it.

Decor stores are so fun to explore.


You’re excited to glean design ideas from everywhere and love to exercise your creativity by trying them out for yourself.

You’re proud to say you’ve gotten a lot of things right in your own home.

And your family and friends concur.


You’ve learned a lot through it all.

But you know enough to know it could be better.


The problem is your house still doesn’t feel, look or work like you want it to. The way you know it could. And should by now!

You feel like you’re missing something. And you’re sick of wasting time, energy and money.


I noticed the same things when I was starting out. I still see it in my stylish clients every day, 20 years later.

It gets to the point where you’ve had enough!


You want to stop shopping, arranging and returning.

You want to relax and enjoy it for a change.

You want it to be the beautiful, efficient home you dreamed it would be.

You want to be proud to share it with family and friends.

You want your house to finally be your home.


I sure get it. It’s what we all want, right?

So after years of working in design related jobs, where I got to learn its power, I decided to find out what I was missing myself.

Going to design school taught me why and how design works. Getting specialized training in the use of colour brought design theory to life. While later, being able to teach design, I learned how to make it less mysterious and more doable.

But working in the interior design trenches let me hear my clients’ frustrations, overwhelm and dilemmas. And I saw how rewarding and enjoyable it was for them to understand and use the principles and tricks I shared for themselves.


That’s what I do here.


I help busy, overwhelmed, design loving homeowners, just like you, create a beautiful, hardworking home they love living in and are proud to share.


If you want a helping hand to get your decorating unstuck you’re in the right place.


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Together let’s make your house finally YOUR HOME.